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Alina Sedano

Your Movement Guide

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Alina’s Story: From Trauma Survivor to Healing Guide

 Life can turn upside down in an instant. For Alina, everything changed the day she and her husband experienced a life-altering accident.


They say your life’s most difficult paths lead you to your most important callings.


And that’s when Exhale & Paws began.


Navigating life through the effects of trauma and PTSD, Alina turned to alternative methods of healing. She discovered the power of movement therapy and brainspotting for her own recovery, igniting a passion for healing from within. 


It all came together the day her therapist recommended Animal-Assisted Therapy. In just one exhale, Alina met Bachelor: Her built-in bestie and companion.

The “Paws” to her Exhale.


After hours and hours of trauma-informed education, practice, and training, Alina now helps guide those from the pain of the past to the peace of the present.


Your Movement Guide on Your Journey Moving Forward


Alina is a movement healer, breathwork facilitator, intuitive guide, and artist based in Miami Beach, FL.  She calls on the gentle power of Animal-Assisted Therapy, Brainspotting, and Movement Therapy to help her clients ground into their bodies, establish strong boundaries, and open portals to the magic and abundance within.  


Alina is certified in both education and experience:


  • Brainspotting Practitioner

  • POLESTAR Pilates Instructor NCPT®

  • RYT - 200 hrs Yoga Instructor

  • Animal Assisted Therapist

  • Trauma & Neuroscience Informed Movement Specialist

  • EFT Tapping & Energy Psychology

  • Functional Movement Specialist

  • Barre Instructor

  • Pre & Post Natal Specialist

  • Pilates For Rheumatology

  • Women's Health



Alina isn't here to heal her clients — she’s here to guide them to find their inner healer. Combining both spirit and science, mind and movement, she’s ready to help make your body, mind, spirit, and home a safe space for healing. 





Founder & Philosophical Meditation Guide 

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Hey  there!  I'm Bachelor... first of all I want to thank you for stopping by my site.  Feel free to sniff around and check out our blog page.   I'm sure you are curious to know why I keep referring to everything as mine.  Well, the way I see it... none of the content on this site is possible without my Pawesome Pup presence.   


Here's the  quick version of our story...

My mom and dad were involved in a traumatic pedestrian accident.  Her therapist recommended she get a pup to help them walk outside again.  


Mom started training me at home with the coolest online puppy school...and I started training her in return.  I taught her how to be more calm, less anxious, happier ... but most importantly I taught her how to play again. 


Let's get back to me...

I'm a Certified Good Boy.  I love cuddling, napping, and giving kisses.

 My favorite toys are pink piggy and Bernie.  (Bernie is my dad.)

My favorite game is fetch. 

My favorite activity is swimming. 

My favorite treats are Peanut Butter and anything flavored with Bacon.  

(If you have real bacon, please send some to me. Mom doesn't let me eat it.)  


In case you are wondering about my Philosopher credentials . . . 

Here's proof! 

"A dog has the soul of a philosopher"  
~ Plato


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