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Welcome to your holistic, mind-body wellness, tail-wagging corner of the internet! 

Hi there!  We're so happy you discovered our little reading corner ~ designed to enlighten

with a dose of sunshine and inspire with tips and tails of our holistic healing journey.   


If you’ve explored our site a bit, you’ve probably met my right-hand man, Bachelor:

The Certified Good Boy, Philosophical Meditation Guide, and my Adorably Fluffy

Pup/Co-Founder of Exhale & Paws. 

As for myself,  I'm a Wellness Dog Mama & Wife: Intuitive Movement Guide, Pilates/Yoga Instructor and Trauma Coach on a mission to help you "Exhale & Paws ~ When Life Gets Ruff." 

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xo Alina & Bachelor 

Wherever you are,
wherever you’ve been,
and wherever you’re going,
know that your healing is worth it

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"Every day a million miracles begin at sunrise"


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