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Alina Sedano, Trauma & Transformation Coach, Brainspotting, Pilates Rehab, Yoga Therapy, Meditation Coach

Together, we’ll guide you through powerful alternative therapy methods to release, move, and make space for a happier healthier YOU! 

Every client and every path is unique. Start your journey by booking a consultation with Alina so she can design a customized plan that fits your needs. 

Three of the main modalities we will use to help you release, reset, and heal are brainspotting, animal-assisted therapy, and movement therapies such as pilates and yoga

Brainspotting, Expansion Brainspotting, Bodyspotting, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing
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Heal your mind.
Move your body.
Find your paws.



"Where you look affects how you feel"

Brainspotting Movement Therapy


Brainspotting is an innovative therapy that combines aspects of EMDR, mindfulness, and brain and body-based therapies. It’s based on the belief that certain eye positions can evoke emotions, sensations and memories because they access specific ‘brainspots’ where traumatic memories and physical pain held within the body are stored. Brainspotting therapy involves a series of sessions of using eye position, mind-body awareness, and mindfulness exercises to help clients overcome issues like PTSD, physical pain, depression, and anxiety.  

Ready to shift your focus to new horizons and let go of what’s weighing you down? All sessions include intuitive breath work or gentle movement integration to help soothe and center the soul. 

Abstract palm hands touching brain with network connections, innovative technology in scie

A therapy that combines the proven benefits of EMDR, mindfulness, and brain
and body-based techniques, brainspotting reminds us that what we see becomes
our reality.

We’ll find the connection between your mind and body, finding the peace, presence, and pause through it all.

It's all connected.  

Animal Assisted Therapy

Life is ruffFind healing in the paws.

Animal Assisted Therapy Service

Exhale & Paws animal assisted therapy sessions are tailored around you, your fur baby, and your goals. Relieve stress, enhance well-being and deepen the spiritual connection with your pup or kitty.  Experience all the paws-itive feels by incorporating your bestie into your wellness routine and transforming the love you share into a heart centered practice.  


Whether you’re interested in meditating with your dog, trying out doga, or developing a unique animal-assisted therapy plan, I’m here. Let’s find healing with your best pal so you can finally exhale and paws.

Dog moms — your pup is your BFF, your child, and your companion.  To heal, your body needs comfort. Calm... And lots of snuggles!
Science and spirit agree on this one.  With animal-assisted therapy, you can help reinforce your healing progress and find comfort amidst the panic and pain.

This is where we find play again!

Puppy Pilates 
Guided Breathwork
Yoga with your Pup
Deep Pressure Therapy
Pawsitive Communication
EFT Tapping to reduce your Pup's anxiety

Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy

Move forward in your healing journey.

Pilates or Gentle Yoga 


Experience a unique style of Pilates + Movement sessions designed to create more space for the things you love to do. Whether you need to learn about yourself through conscious movement, build a strong foundation, release tension or nurture your nervous system - you will be guided to discover your inner healer through transformative breathing, movement, and self-care techniques for anywhere that life takes you.  Escape to a place that inspires your physical and mental space through mindful movement, while creating enduring and positive change - that will serve you and your body for a lifetime.


All sessions are tailored towards your needs to help you awaken your body's natural intelligence, improve your posture, tune into your inner balance, and develop a well-designed balanced body. Elevate your movement experience!

Intelligent movement_edited.png
Trauma isn’t just “in your head.” It affects your body and nervous system.

All that pain, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness? It’s all connected.  But the good news is: Becoming aware of these connections and sensations changes everything.
Take back control by taking care of you with movement, reminding your body that you’re safe in this very moment:
Gentle Yoga
EFT Tapping
Energy Healing

Trauma Release Exercises 
Somatic Movement Therapy

"I want to work like a dog, doing what I was born to do with joy and purpose. I want to play like a dog, with total, jolly abandon."

~  Oprah Winfrey


I was so blessed to find Alina when I was injured 7 years ago.  She was phenomenal at helping me rehabilitate my body and left me in better shape than when I first came to her.  ​She radiates Zen and peace while leading you through a session.  She is a master at her craft and I am blessed to have discovered Alina! 

Kerry Mayorga, FL

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