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Are you ready to feel your best today?

Move and breathe new life into your body and nervous system
+ get proven lifelong health and wellness benefits like: 
  • increased energy 

  • toning your body

  • boost your mood & creativity

  • fostering better sleep

  • enhanced mind-body awareness

  • regulating your nervous system

Videos Available for Purchase
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Privé Pilates videos are a collection of classes that were created during the pandemic

to help you MOVE, RELEASE, and STRETCH at home.

I hope these classes help you find the relief you are searching for

and help you along your healing journey.  

BA2O5956 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Every time I help someone, I feel honored to be able to guide them towards the path to healing. 

As your guide, my goal is to help you find your inner healer. I strongly believe the best place to heal is - at home.  A quiet space, a zoom account, and a yoga mat are all you need to begin your journey.  

A Beautiful Journey

Alina has been leading clients for over a decade,
through a beautiful journey of exploration into the depths of the mind - body - spirit connection. 

Discover a holistic approach to wellness with your mind and body- as medicine at the center of it all.​

Experience the profound power of Brainspotting, the healing benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy, combined with positive movement experiences -Restorative Yoga & Pilates  -focusing on whole body health. 

Learn transformative breathing, movement, and self-care techniques for anywhere that life takes you.


Release trauma and stagnant energy, repattern, stretch, strengthen, transform, and cultivate a well-balanced body and mind. 

Escape to a place that inspires your physical and mental space through mindful movement, while creating enduring and positive change - that will serve your brain and body for a lifetime. 

""The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment."

~ Robert Falcon Scott


I was so blessed to find Alina when I was injured 7 years ago.  She was phenomenal at helping me rehabilitate my body and left me in better shape than when I first came to her.  ​She radiates Zen and peace while leading you through a session.  She is a master at her craft and I am blessed to have discovered Alina! 

Kerry Mayorga, FL

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