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Get Movement-Based Coaching to Help You Heal Your Nervous System, Connect Your Mind and Body, and Live Your Best Life

  • Are you tired of low energy and feeling less than 100% yourself?

  • Is your nervous system dysregulated from stress, anxiety, or a traumatic life event?

  • Are you experiencing physical pain symptoms that you believe are attributed to stress or anxiety?

  • Is stress holding you back from consistently experiencing joy, calm, and contentment?

  • Are you struggling to do the daily activities you once loved?​​

Then you are in the right place! Welcome, friend.​

We Work With Clients Who:

  • Are you feeling the mental, physical, and emotional effects of stress or trauma from a life event, demanding job, or other everyday situation

  • Need an experienced practitioner who will help them get results and help them feel "back to normal"

  • Want to have a healthier, better-functioning nervous system by using natural, somatic and body-based methods

  • Prefer 1:1 support and guidance that is personalized to their specific needs and situation instead of an online course or group class

  • Live anywhere in the world (sessions are provided virtually via Zoom)

Using proven, advanced body-based methods, Alina will guide you 1:1 via private Zoom calls through therapeutic sessions to address your specific needs.

Harness your body's natural healing ability with somatic movement therapy


Soothe and co- regulate your nervous system with your fur baby (if you have one!)


Tap into your brain and body's own natural ability to regulate with Brainspotting


Develop calming practices to help you not only cope but thrive

You CAN find freedom from the symptoms holding you back and recover a life you never imagined possible

Your path to healing starts now

Our mission is to gently guide, support and give YOU the tools to heal at home from anxiety, trauma, and stress in order to reclaim YOUR alignment, purpose, and power in life.

Exhale & Paws Methods

Alina’s unique approach to guided healing combines multiple modalities and is customized to each individual client

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Pilates & Yoga
Dog Heart.png
Animal Assisted Therapy
Meditation & Breathwork
Neuroscience Experiment.png
Brain Spotting
Somatic Movement

Motivated By Passion & Purpose

IMG_1568 2.jpg

Life can turn upside down in an instant. Alina knows from personal experience the cost of untreated stress and trauma on the body's nervous system.

However, healing from trauma or combatting life's everyday stressors can be a beautiful experience with the right tools and guides by your side.

Now, her life is dedicated to helping others do the same.

And that’s when Exhale & Paws began.

Meet your guide Alina:  

And her trusty sidekick, Bachelor.

After a traumatic accident altered Alina's life forever, she began immersing herself in the study of alternative, holistic therapies to heal her nervous system and reclaim her vitality.

"I was so blessed to find Alina when I was injured 7 years ago.  She was phenomenal at helping me rehabilitate my body and left me in better shape than when I first came to her.  ​She radiates Zen and peace while leading you through a session.  She is a master at her craft and I am blessed to have discovered Alina!"
Kerry Mayorga, FL

Wherever you are,
wherever you’ve been,
and wherever you’re going,
know that your healing is worth it

Start your journey with us by your side:

book a free consultation today

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